~ part 1: suburbs of hell releases

Before there was Sprawl there was SUBURBS OF HELL

Comments by Douglas Benford (aka SI-CUT.DB) http://home.earthlink.net/~efrans/benford

"Very early (mid-80s) Suburbs stuff were basically, pop albums, with me singing and writing the songs: very naive with terrible lyrical pretentions! They had some appearances from friends Sarah Cracknell (pre-St Etienne) and Momus on them...but apart from that I don't think they do me any favours, artistically, that's why they're not listed here. The only exception is the Beauty Reports album (see below) and an indie sounding vinyl album I released by a friend of mine Kevin Wright under his artist name Mr Wright or Always, I can't remember, which I was not involved with at any recording level."


Beauty Reports by Media Form [1986-95]

"One of the most satisfying works I have ever done. Ambient is a much abused term, but I decided to do it properly, so both melodically and textural it is very rich, but improvised with various tapes and systems so that none of the tracks have too predictable a structure. I had my "Eno hat" on and set out to do a homage to On Land, Thursday Afternoon etc. This is the original vinyl album. There was a re-issue CD with a few extra tracks, now sadly deleted...it's one those I will re-visit and re-issue one day, updating it too. Essential." There's a web page devoted to the CD re-issue of this album: http://www.sleepbot.com/ambience/page/benford.html

FORMAT: vinyl album only CAT NO: SOH 018CD


Nuisance by Si-{cut}.db [1995]

"One of The Wire's albums of 1995, this the first album in my Si-cut.db guise; semi-minimal and maybe 'intelligent', there were definite Hawtin influences on this. Pure techno, like the Radial Blend stuff (no breaks, Detroit in feel). Some tracks and the artwork inspired by a spaced out holiday in the Dominican Republic, I was trying to create a claustrophobic but lush sound."



Just In Time For Too Late by various [1994]

"Although this album was mainly myself - solo, and collaborative there are some oddities by other fellows. There's a track with S Cracknell of St Etienne (LoveCut.db), Momus (as Sumo M), and I sampled Russell Mael of Sparks on my answer machine - why he rang me is another story...I like to think of this as pretty well rounded disco-fied techno effort.."



Abandon Time by Radial Blend [1994]

"After a lot of mulling over what I like about a Detroit and "intelligent techno" I dived into a studio and wrote and recorded this solo in two days (ten tracks!), each just kind of quickly and each as a certain freshness and attitude; playing with the timing on beats, the melodies...thank God for the engineer. Again this still stands up and is the first album to feature Frank, our family dog, in the artwork"



Enough Roads by Radial Blend [1995]

"Most of my album projects I have attacked from a different angle each time; this was one of the more extreme ideas: one 50 min. long electronica "journey", inspired I supposed by 'Autobahn' and the Detroit ethic; ironically it's a quiet plea to stop road building as well!"



Phoenix Jig by Phoenix Jig [1994]

Almost 2 years in the making, Doug Martin of V-Neck (Emote/Law & Auder) and I put a lot production and composition work into this straight ahead techno 7 track epic. It's quite sweeping in terms of track lengths, each track going on it's own twisted journey. Quite funky too...with Latin, apocalyptic and claustrophobic leanings!"



Minimal Resource Manipulation by MRM [1995]

"This still stands up as a kind of treated lo fi compilation of Matt Atkin's compositions as cassette masters, featuring quaint drum boxes, which we took to extremes in a larger studio. Lots of nice dub touches I think with reggae and New Order melodies thrown in for good measure."



Geromino by Exact Life [1995]

"Pablo Cook put this album together with Andy Smith at their home studio. Pablo is an all round good buy and brilliant session percussionist whose worked with William Orbit (Pablo played flute even on Madonna's last album), Moby, The Grid and others. I told him to record anything he liked as an album an it's a lo fi dub delight, completely overlooked. Precious stuff,with none of me on it, rest assured!"



The Obvious EP by Side Cut db [1991]

"The Suburbs Of Hell label really got going when I got away from a lot of the pop lyrical stuff; this first EP, which was a single of the week in the NME is a quite primitive breakbeat rave-piano outing that started off as backing for some songs. That idea I thankfully dropped, inspired by my Acid House experiences! The weird thing is, I never took any drugs."

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 004 ep


Advance Party EP by Side Cut db [1992]

"Select or Vox magazine really liked the artwork - Peter Blake was talkingabout it. A low fi breakbeat thing, apparently a favourite with Richard James at the time, I'm told. Both tracks were re-mixed to much better effect on the album Reality Reduction (deleted), but here was the originally grungey source"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 005 ep


Fingertips by LoveCut.db with Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne [1992]

"Sarah's mum gave us some money to go into a recording studio together and we did about three tracks with umpteen odd remixes, the best ended up on Reality Reduction (deleted). Very bleepy and early Warp influenced this one. The B-side is very Latin and I slowed Sarah's talking voice down to getthat husky sound."

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 006 ep


The Balloon Race by Mr Wight [1992]

"A chugging breakbeat indie song, even "baggy"; I had worked with my friend Kevin Wright and his Kinks inspired indie pop and wanted to do a trendier funky single with him. An oddity, penned and sung by Kevin, and he probably hates me for what I did to his rockiest arrangements...; obviously I had my dealings with the pop world through my knob twiddling with Momus, Sarah Cracknell...but I always took a shower afterwards"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: 008ep


Heartspin by LoveCut.db with Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne [1993]

"Probably the post 'poppy' the three Cracknell collaborations...almost a good song, well, arrangement anyway. Though the version on the Reality Reduction compilation beats it hands down"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 009 ep


HI Point by si-cut.db[1992]

"Quite influenced by Moby's "Go" this one. Again ravey but the dubby B-side still holds up as off the wall and weird." Very limited quantities only.

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 010 ep


Journey To The Centre of Love by LoveCut.db with Sarah Cracknell of St Etienne [1992]

"Another slightly half baked rave record with Ms Cracknell - some weird mixes. I think we were a mite too influence by our local Sunday nite rave club "Rush" - now a Christian Centre - I like the dubby one, but I completely reconstructed the vocals - putting them backwards, that is - on the Just In Time compilation. Only for completists."

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 011 ep


By My Side by Exact Life [1993]

"For a purer Exact Life sound I would recommend the album above, but this is a nice slice of (vocal) soulful house with flamenco guitars and weird didgerdoo sounding mix from yours truly"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: SOH 0012 ep




~ part 2: pantunes music releases

Projects released on the Pantunes Music Label

Comments by Douglas Benford (aka SI-CUT.DB) http://home.earthlink.net/~efrans/benford

"Doug Martin (Emote/V-Neck) and I begun a prolific periods of remixes, single projects and odd drum and bass - with techno and dub thrown in for good measure. These EPs and the two albums Phoenix Jig (above) and InSearch Of the Surface Noise by Pantunes Music (see Sprawl Imprint) are benchmarks in "out there" electronica"


Restructure Project EP by Phoenix Jig [1994]

"After the Phoenix Jig album we thought we would do a few remixes of the tracks - which were slightly less epic, more Black Doggy and electro. Lush."

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: PAN 2


Fume EP by Phoenix Jig [1994]

"Our biggest seller; the title track is a epic long kind of dub/melodious journey with haunting pads and quite funky too. My favourite sleeve too, dark and mysterious"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: PAN 3


Integrate EP by Strobe Flower [1995]

"A darker, more minimal outing for us, driven with the sample of heartbeat underneath. It didn't quite fit into the Jig-ilk, so we came up with another name...I still play this one out."

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: PAN 4


Key Large EP by Phoenix Jig [1995]

"The title track is a skewed Detroit flavour but I love the Abaco Voodoo track which is a dry dubbed skank techno and still sounds weirdly fresh. The label artwork was a lushly psychedelic picture I took whilst on holiday for an apocalyptic new year's eve in the jungle"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: PAN 5


Bouncey Castle EP by Bouncey Castle [1995]

"The bridge between Phoenix Jig and the Pantunes Music album on Sprawl; we tackled the drill and bass ethos quite early on, tho it's strangely soulful still. The garish sleeve is still talked about, disturbing in a Tim Burton kind of way!"

FORMAT: 12" vinyl only CAT NO: PAN 6



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