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Sprawl in short:

MARCH 2014: A new Sprawl night has been confirmed, celebrating site-related works at Troyganic, Hoxton. It features murmer live, fresh from his project with Felicity Ford at Audiograft, a collaboration between Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina, Jack Goldstein and a solo performance by Matthias Kispert, who is interested in the city and the relationship between its sounds and everyday life, plus the film Twine by Iris Garrelfs.

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DEC 2013: It seems tradition now that we are having one fab event per year! This year it coincides with the x-mas season and so we are having something special for you. A complete break with tradition: Sprawl unplugged! This night of unamplified music presents a rare oportunity to hear artists close up. The duets are: Iris Garrelfs with Viv Corringham, Douglas Benford with Angharad Davies and Phil Durrant with Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga.