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Max Eastley with Thomas Köner
(sound sculptures, electronics)

A previous collaboration between the artists, the installation piece "List Of Japanese Winds" was commissioned by the Hayward Gallery, London. This is a rare chance to see the artists work together live on stage

Max Eastley is an artist whose work combines kinetic sound sculpture and music to produce a unique art form. Since the late 1960s, Eastley has been fascinated by the relationship of chance to music and art, and in environmental forces such as wind and water. He began to investigate this relationship in his work, using kinetic sound machines and the natural forces of the wind, streams and the sea. As a consequence, his career opened out into new areas of creative and philosophical exploration.
Eastley is an important and innovative figure in the field of sound art. He often works in collaboration with other artists from a range of disciplines. He has exhibited his sound installations internationally, and worked closely with a wide range of artists, musicians and filmmakers, including Brian Eno, Peter Greenaway, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost and The Spaceheads. Exhibitions of his installations in 2000 included Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery and Sound as Media in Toyko. In 2002 he composed the music for Plants and Ghosts by Siobhan Davies Dance. He has worked with musician and writer David Toop to produce the critically acclaimed albums New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments 1975, Buried Dreams 1994 and Doll Creature 2004. www.capefarewell.com/content/art-eastley.php

Media artist Thomas Köner is a man of few words but many prises. In 2000 the Montreal International Festival New Cinema New Media awarded him the "New Media Prize". His work "Banlieue du Vide" was given the NORMAN prize 2004 ("Best Film") at the Filmwinter Stutgart, and nominated for the "MuVi award 2004" (best german music video) at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Also in 2004 the Prix Ars Electronica awarded him the "Golden Nica", and he was awarded the "Produktionspreis WDR" during the "Deutsche Klangkunst-Preis" (german sound art award). His media installation "Suburbs Of The Void" received the Transmediale 2005 award in Berlin. Köner's video "Nuuk" received the Tiger Cub Award at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2005.
The Centre Georges Pompidou commissioned him the sound work for an installation with filmmaker Yann Beauvais. Another field of sound exploration and radical sound design presents itself in today's club culture, which Köner sees as an ideal milieu for intensive and physical listening. As "Porter Ricks", a collaboration with Andy Mellwig, he became an acclaimed producer of progressive techno, resulting in remix commissions for "Nine Inch Nails" and a Claude Debussy remix for Universal Music, a.o. In 2003 he extended his concept of sound colour to moving images, resulting in video installations and film works. www.koener.de

Ekkehard Ehlers with Brian Duffy [MTO]
(computer and toys)

This collaboration has been comissioned for the UK leg of the festival. It sees a unique combination of manipulating existing music and playing with circuit bent toys and no prpared material whatsoever.

A purveyor of digital manipulations of existing music, Ekkehard Ehlers released his debut, Betrieb, in 2000. The record drastically manipulates samples from such early 20th century composers as Arnold Schoenberg and Charles Ives, Ehlers seeing each piece as a closed system with which to experiment. He has worked on a trilogy of mini-albums on which he assumes the spirit of great artists from the past and applies it to electronics. The first in this series was Ekkehard Ehlers Plays Robert Johnson followed by Ekkehard Ehlers Plays Albert Ayler, on which he manipulated compositions for cello. The final record in the trilogy was Ekkehard Ehlers Plays John Cassavetes. With Stephan Mathieu, he recorded Heroin. In addition, he has recorded under the alias Auch, as well as with the duo Autopoesies and the group März,

Brian Duffy, award winning sound artist and creator of the Modified Toy Orchestra, has been at the forefront of a world wide underground movement called circuit bending which involves rescuing childrens electronic toys from car boot sales, and converting them into new strange and wonderfully sophisticated musical instruments. Taking them apart, he finds new connections hidden within each toys circuits that reveal new sounds, exposing the surplus value of redundant technology. The toys are then reassembled including switches and dials with which to control this surplus value. The results of this process can be shockingly beautiful, funny and extreme and have led to Brian being labelled a genius, a madman, and a national treasure. www.myspace.com/toyorch

Iris Garrelfs with si.cut.db
(computer, electronics and voice)

Both founding members of Sprawl, Douglas and Iris have only rarely worked together creatively. In 2004 they have been commissioned to record Donna, an Art of Noise remix for The Abduction of the Art Of Noise, by Uk based label Iris Light. In the same year they were invited to perform together at the Ircam produced Capital Sonores in Paris.

Iris Garrelfs is a soundartist “generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing” as the Wire Magazine put it. She performs solo as well as in collaboration with other artists, for example Robert Lippok and Scanner. In her work she looks at the interplay of idea and manifestation, technology and human expression, but also the extension of composition into 3 dimensions though multi speaker systems.
Her album “Specified Encounters” (BipHop), constructed from dissected voice sounds, has been compared to such artists as the early Philip Glass, Joan La Barbara and Henri Chopin.
Iris has been a co-founder and curator of Sprawl, hosts the occasional radio show on London’s soundart station Resonance FM and sits on the SonicArts Network board of Trustees. www.irisgarrelfs.com

Hailing from Brentford, West London, Douglas Benford has been releasing his digital music under the alias si-cut.db since 1991. Benford has collaborated with Scanner, Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Stephan Mathieu, Add N To X, Benge [as Tennis], and Tonne.
Ranging from microsound and electronica to neo-dub, Benford has released music on Fällt, Bip Hop, BackGround, Highpoint Lowlife, Warp and 12K. Benford's current approach to his work tends to use a variety of softwares [generative and file morphing is a trademark] and sound sample source techniques, from improvised acoustic recordings and lo-fi csonic toys, which are then edited, effected, and sequenced. He has played at Ars Electronica, Tate Modern, Nokialab, Synch, Transmediale, Sintesi, Mutek, Ultrasound and New Forms festivals, and has been a co-curator/founder of Sprawl electronic music events and label for over 9 years, as well as founding the Suburb Of Hell and Pantunes labels. www.douglasbenford.co.uk

DJ Sniff with Keir Neuringer
(turntable and electronics plus saxophone and dictaphone)

DJ Sniff and Keir Neuringer share a passion for expanding their respective instruments beyond cultural preconceptions and musical conventions. Since they met in 2005 they have played together in various constellations with other musicians---and have curated each other's work---but this is their first appearance as a duo.

DJ Sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) believes in the instrumental autonomy of the turntable and the musicianship of the DJ. His music focuses on the reconstruction of phonographically amplified sounds through electro-acoustical methods and techniques of turntablism. He has performed in numerous venues and festivals around the world including the U.S., Japan, Russia, Romania, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, the U.K., Lithuania and the Netherlands.
dj sniff was born in the U.S., raised in Japan. While studying art history and philosophy in Tokyo, he was active as a DJ in the underground electronic music scene and formed a collective called smashTV productions which organized genre-mixing events such as anti-Gravity and bistro-Smash!. In 2002, he moved to New York to pursue graduate studies in computer music and physical computing at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. He is currently STEIM's (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam) visiting Artistic Co-Director and Researcher for 2007.

Keir Neuringer was born in New York in 1976 and lives and works in The Hague. He is active as an improvising saxophonist and a composer of electronic and acoustic music. He also writes texts, curates concerts and makes videos and installations. His work is a manifestation of his opposition to the destructive behavior exhibited and accepted by the dominant culture. He began playing the saxophone during childhood and has developed a non-traditional approach to the instrument that draws equally on contemporary avant-garde trends, various folk musics, and electronic and and industrial sound. Neuringer has performed on popular and experimental music stages (including a number of solo improvisation concerts) in Europe, the US, Mexico, and South Africa. He studied music, literature and art at institutions in the US, the UK, Poland, and the Netherlands.

David Lacey with Fergus Kelly
(percussion and 'the cabinet of curiosities')

David Lacey is a percussionist from Dublin, utilising acoustic percussion as well as low-grade electronics and field recordings. He currently works in regular duos with Paul Vogel and Fergus Kelly, and has collaborated with Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell and Keith Rowe, amongst many others. He has also composed music for theatre and worked with contemporary dance groups, as well as performing with Irish electronic outfit Decal. He is a co-founder of ‘i-and-e’, who present concerts and an annual festival of improvised & experimental music in Dublin. www.i-and-e.org

Fergus Kelly is an Irish visual and sound artist/improviser. He has participated in many Irish and international sound related events and exhibitions. Currently he plays live with an invented instrument called ‘the cabinet of curiosities’. In 2005, he started the Room Temperature cd-r label, which has so far issued 6 cds of solo & collaborative work. www.roomtemperature.org